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1. What would my yoga teacher training class involve?


The program offers two 3-hour classes and one 2-hour class per week and of intensive training with Grandmaster Adam. 


2. What are the days and times? And how long would it take me to complete the program?


Our program takes approximately 6 months to complete. The intensive training is held on Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 6am - 9am.  It can take as little as 4 months, and as many as 16 depending on your schedule.


3. What if I miss a class?


If possible, please give notice of classes you'll be absent for, especially if you'll be absent for an extended period. Special arrangements can be made with proper notice.

4. What are the requirements for graduation from the teacher training class?


During the program, we require that you complete 175 hours of intensive training and 25 hours of additional yoga classes. There are no prerequisistes needed before enrolling in the program. The International Yoga Institute accepts students of all experience levels.


5. What kind of job can I expect upon graduating?


International Yoga Institute graduates are qualiied to teach around the world. You can open your own studio! The job market for yoga instructors is unlimited. You may discover jobs at recreation centers, child care centers, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.  


6. What if I just want to take classes with Master Adam without enrolling in the teacher training?


You may come to any class time listed above for a walk-in fee of $25 for the 2 hour class and $35 for the 3 hour class. In addition, Master Adam teaches at the Mt Trashmore YMCA. You can view the schedule here. These are 1 hour classes and require a YMCA membership. (Look for the yoga class with the instructor name as MA A.


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