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Kind Words

"What is your health worth? If you could be trim, strong, supple, and free of pain, what would that be worth? I developed chronic back pain and lived with it for 15 years. Pain wears you down. It alters not only your body, but also your state of mind. But then I began practicing Raja Yoga and the pain began to go away. Now, years later, the pain is completely gone. Raja Yoga can reverse the aging process. You really will feel better than you've ever felt before. It is amazing to be free from pain. You'll have an entirely new outlook on life."


Barry Dorsk, Intensive Yoga Practitioner


"Master Adam is very practical. He has studied the popular yoga systems and culled through and cultivated the best of the best. He will not waste your time. The poses he chooses give the most profound feeling. My practice has accelerated tremendously since I switched over to his training."


Chris Kemp, Teacher & Intensive Yoga Practitioner


"It is unnecessary for people to believe that they can't do yoga because they're out shape or not loose enough. This is not a sport or a competition. It is a personal journey to great health. I'm doing things now that I never thought I could. Seeing others do it alongside you makes it easier to believe in yourself. Master Adam really respects my needs and is in tune with my individual rate of growth. He is very careful about emphasizing safety and having fun."


Elaine Solaqua, Student and Hair Stylist