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International Yoga Institute Philosophy

Grandmaster Adam Nguyen believes in restoration and preservation of the mind, body and spirit through his unique system of Raja Yoga. The International Yoga Institute system is designed to heat the body from within, expelling tension and soreness from muscles and joints. The exercises work together to reach as much of the body as possible, increasing energy, building endurance, and improving balance. Holding precise postures develops stability and strength.


These practices restore health by healing injuries and preventing future damage. Optimum health is then maintained through the cultivation of lifelong skills. Grandmaster Adam believes that yoga is about taking care of your body, and staying in shape should never be associated with pain. The International Yoga Institute also teaches self-defense through karate do, so students can learn to protect themselves. These Institute is averse to violence, choosing to promote peace instead. Their belief is that the more practice and dedication one invests in yoga and meditation, the more one will become enlightened, disconnected from the noise of the world and awakened to truth.